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This is going to be my first blog post on SUPERFRUITS! I am very excited to share with you guys the nutritional facts of more than 100 super fruits that you may not know existed! You may have planted them at the back of your home or you may have had them everyday as part of your daily meal!

Photo by Ja Ma from (Unsplash)

What is Superfruit? Truth to be told, there is no official definition under any government authorities. Superfruits are fruits that confer remarkable health benefits, it contains high antioxidant! Antioxidants is a very important agent to help to get rid of our body from potentially harmful oxidised agents. More than 200,000 studies have been conducted on health benefits of antioxidants since 1940s.

Photo by Brooke Lark from (Unsplash)
Photo by Reza Shayestehpour (Unsplash)

We all wanted to live longer and healthier life. And that is why it is very important to feed our body with the right food. The key to having a long and healthy life is to Eat Well. Needless to say, eating well can help you in too many ways. Feeding your body with the right foods and nutrients can give you a natural protection against all chronic diseases including cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes, arthritis and dementia, as well as offering protection against health problems including asthma, eczema, tiredness, insomnia and many more!

Photo by AJ Garcia (unsplash)

Keep in mind, your health is the best form of investment! Do not take it for granted! You can’t enjoy your money or spending time with your love one or travelling the world if you are unwell.

Coming up next is Superfruit: Pineapple !


Author: Amni Ismail

“The Greatest Scientists are Artists as well.” - Einstein

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