Jack Ma advices to Young People


All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes to make them possible.- T. E. Lawrence

Being an entrepreneur myself, reading entreprenial journey of other entrepreneurs is a must. Meeting all of them is impossible. The only way I get to know all of them were through Books 📚. Yes, I believe by spending a few minutes (at least!) a day reading book, will open the door for something new, a new adventure! Sailing to a new world through books!

I had just finished reading a book titled “JACK MA” by Kanyin Publication. And, I am going to give my personal reviews!

Basic introduction of WHO IS JACK MA?

He is the founder  and Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group, e-commerce business Alibaba with net worth of USD22 Billion (extracted from Forbes magazine). And,the first Chinese entrepreneur from mainland China to appear on the cover of Forbes, a leading business magazine.

Personal Review:

This book shares Jack Ma entrepreneurial journey and many of his valuable insights and advice that will definitely impact many youth and budding entrepreneurs.

I highly recommended this book to EVERYONE not only entrepreneurs but those who wish to be better in every single thing they do! I would describe it as one of the best Booster for one Personal Development! It is good to be reminded once again how entrepreneurial life  taught me to see obstacles and struggles in life and turned it into something Valuable!

I was deeply inspired by his Trust on young people, the youths, the young generations, our future generation!

The best way is to open the future. We always believe that young people are better at developing the future because they are our future. Investing in the younger generation is investing in our own future.- Jack Ma 

The secret is helping those who want to be successful. Help the young people. They will store the seeds you bury in their minds and when they all grown up, they will change the world. Help the small guys because small guys will become big.- Jack Ma

When, We, the young generations sometimes failed to see what we all are capable off, it is good to be reminded once again that it is our responsibility to create a better future, a better life for our future generation.

Jack Ma emphasising Trust to Excel! And Perseverance for long-term Success!

Many entrepreneurs would regard the lack of resources as the stumbling block to their achieving great feats. “If only I have this talent”. ” If only I have this equipment.” “If only I have this or that.” When people start to put “if” in everything they do, they are basically making empty talks. The most important asset in a company or business is – Trust. – Jack Ma

I trust my people and I trust the young generation. It’s not Jack Ma who will change the company, but the young generation and the new technology. – Jack Ma

Here is a simple, yet inspiring story of a Tale of Two Shoes salesmen.

Two shoes salesmen were sent to Africa to see if there was a market for their product. The first salesman reported back ” This is terrible business opportunity, no-one wears shoes.” The second salesman reported back, ” This is a fantastic business opportunity, no-one wears shoes.” The second salesman became very successful and rich in the following years.

Ma is obviously the second salesman! Moral of the story?

Needless to say, to be an entrepreneur is to develop and to learn to see Opportunity in every Situation! Entrepreneur provides Solution to every Problem! It takes a whole lot of courage finally get to see those struggles into something valuable (I see them as personal value!) but only with the right attitude! You will mastered it, it is a matter of time.

Once you have a dream, it is important to be committed to it and promise yourself that you will realise it. Many first-time entrepreneurs constantly worry that the conditions are not right enough for them to get started. I believe the most important quality of an entrepreneur is the ability to create a conditions. If we wait for the right time and the right opportunity, we will never get things done. Generally, if everybody thinks it is a good opportunity, then it is the right timing. I believe too that opportunity is not yours alone. When you believe in something, make a commitment to spend 5, 10 or 20 years to get it done. By doing this, you’ll be able to go far and even further.” – Jack Ma

The most exciting part of business, at least to me is to able to contribute to the future. This entrepreneurial platform had thought me how to test my limit, to get to know my limit, to know what am I capable of doing, to see my own potential that others do not see.

I believe business is not just about making money, it is about creating a value in people, its about making a healthy money, enabling people to enjoy their life.

So, Enjoy your youth and go ahead and make mistakes!

This is my advice to young people: at age 25 years, make enough mistakes. Don’t worry! You fall, you stand up, you fall… enjoy it! You’re 25 years old, enjoy the show!” – Jack Ma

And last but not least, my own advice to young people out there to keep moving forward, be persistent of what you are doing, keep the positive attitudes and to not give up!

I will be sharing 100 Inspirational Quotes by Jack Ma, the founder of e-commerce behemoth Alibaba in my next post!

Stay tune!


Author: Amni Ismail

“The Greatest Scientists are Artists as well.” - Einstein

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